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What our bail bond company can do for You.

First time and lost in this mess?

We understand the jailed person is in a terrible situation. Family's may also needs guidance on what to do for a quick jail release. COPA Bail Bonds is the solution for releasing a person from ANY county jail.

Experienced people for tough times

We have been around since the last century so we've heard almost every story.  Police, Constables, or Sheriff's, whomever takes you to jail we will bail you out. No matter what criminal offenses you might be accused of: driving while intoxicated, assaults, drugs, or probation violations (MTR).  We have the experienced bail bondsmen for you!

Fast Jail Release

Let us know if someone is in custody or is being arrested.  We will track their progress through the jail system. Want to get your loved one out of jail fast? Call us now to post bail bonds! 210-231-0202

We explain the WHOLE jail and court process

We will explain the jail and bail bond process from the beginning to the end.  If you have questions, we have the answers.  

We speak Spanish!

Hablamos Espanol!

We Care

We will give you the time to vent and listen to you for a reasonable amount of time. We won't rush and we won't judge. We understand going to jail can be a shocking and stressful event. As experienced bail bondsmen, we are here for you! 


Do you have a warrant? Are you  serious about taking care of it?  Call us so we can guide you.  We will explain the easiest way to remove a warrant without visiting the jail.

24/7 service

Let's get started....

- CALL us at 210-231-0202 with the NAME and DATE OF BIRTH of the person in custody and the information of who is going to be the cosigner(s).

- FILL this PDF BAIL BOND PAPERWORK  using the link below so that we can begin arranging bail to help getting your person or loved one of jail immediately.

- SEND the signed forms via email, fax 210-231-6229, or by picture (snap a picture of the required documents with your phone and send to 210-201-2344.

- PAY: we accept Debit, Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. 

You can rely on us for prompt, professional bail bonds for all types of charges.  Our company is authorized to write bail in Bexar County, City of San Antonio, and Comal County, City of New Braunfels, Texas. We also cover other areas in South Texas.  We have been around since the last century so we have the experience for whatever problem you may have.

We have Spanish speaking bail agents available. We are available around the clock to help you obtain your freedom. As soon as the magistrate judge sets the bail, we can post bond and secure the release.

Warrants - Think you have warrants.  Call us to verify and make arrangements.

Notary Public also available.

Our San Antonio office located at 1511 W. Martin San Antonio Texas.

Our San Antonio office located at 1511 W. Martin San Antonio Texas.

Internet paperwork

Please read and return paperwork

Bail Bond Paperwork to Download (PDF)


Bexar County Jail Bail Bond area

This is the Bexar County Jail Bail Bond drop off  location.  The Bexar County jail address is 200 N. Comal San Antonio TX 78207 which encompasses a whole block area.  You will be dropping off the bail bond at the South Tower area of the jail.  Everybody gets released from here.  The jail processes people in and out of this location 24 hours a day.

Bexar County Jail Entrance for Bail Bond drop off area

This is the inside of the Bexar County Jail South Tower.  After parking you will enter thru the metal detectors into the waiting area for bail bondsmen, attorneys and family members to drop off bail bonds. The door that inmates will be released from is also located here, incarcerated people are released in groups and not individually.  

Bexar County Jail waiting area

This is the Bexar County Jail Waiting Area, The metal silver chairs are not comfortable at all. You may enjoy the snacks and drinks from the vending machine. Bathrooms are nice, clean and spacious. No loud talking is acceptable in lobby area. Open 24/7.